Mobile Apps for Estate Agents


Don’t worry we can help! Keep your customers coming back for more to your Estate Agents by enticing them with special offers & deals. Spread the word about your establishment and create a social buzz around your business.

Why Businesses Need Apps?

If you have a business, iPhone, iPad & Android Apps are a great way to reward repeat customers, build loyalty, create social buzz and let new customers find out about you.

The average user has iPhone/Android phone with them 23 hours per day.

App PUSH messages have 97% read rate (compared with 4% for email)
Create customer loyalty with App Check-ins, discounts, offers & much more.

Graphic Interface

We all know in this day and age graphics is KING when it comes down to branding and that's why we are the market leaders in graphic design.

Website to App

Having a website is one thing having an app is another but having your website connected to an app is another level to stay connected.

Screen Optimized

Everything is made to fit perfectly on any screen size making it more user friendly.

Mobile Flyers System

Having an app for your real estate business would help you stand out from your competition by sending mobile flyers and offer with push notification to clients.

Application Security

Not having or having good security is a problem these days this is why we only use the best market leading security to help our clients and client customers safe.

Error / Bug Fixing

We are unlike any other you only pay a fixed price upon contract that would include everything and you would never pay more than the agreed rate.

Instant Push Notifications:

Unlike others we do NOT charge for push notification as we like to help small and big business succeed in being our partners. We call this FREE Marketing/Advertising, with us You can send unlimited push notifications to instantly promote your business. These notifications are 100% opt-in and sent directly to all customers that have downloaded your mobile app. This helps to facilitate a positive experience by keeping your customers up to date, and also attracts new visitors to your locations. Push notifications is vastly more effective, personal and affordable than comparable SMS, and your messages will not have to deal with the same “can spam” regulations as text or email marketing.

Easy to Use

Unlimited Push Notifications

Clean & Modern 

Great Experience

Leverage Social Media and QR Codes to Take Your Marketing Viral:

Our apps are all about promoting your Estate Agents through customer interaction, so it only makes sense that we would take full advantage of the potential that social media marketing provides. Practically every aspect of your Estate Agents apps can be instantly shared online, from deals to the delicious food ratings, if your business gets shared by other people on social media then the possibilities are endless for your business as it would have been shared for free, who said you can’t get free brand awareness advertising.

We also do QR Codes With analytics and we send you reports once you request them as QR Codes are the best way to see where your customers are scanning from. It’s the best way to keep track of your ROI.

To get an idea of how much all this could cost you then feel free to use our How Much Does it Cost to Build an App. Please be aware that these are estimates as every app, mobile site & qr codes could vary based on required functionalities and project scope.

All you have to do is to greet your new & existing customers.

Frontend Development
Project Management
QR Code 

The Breakdown For Businesses


As certified Mobile App developers, we can create custom apps solutions. Projects come with after support, which includes advice on ways to bring clients back, guidance, Mothly reports and much more. We develop apps, mobile & standard website,qr codes & much more for any business, feel free Use our free app estimation calcaulator to get an estimatimation on how much it could cost to build an app/website please rember these are estimates and we are trying to be the cheapest in the market.

We offer one of the best SEO service taht you can find anywhere, where are not kidding we have searched all ove rthe internet and no one offers what we offer. SEO can play a vital part for your business, we agree it is costly but once you start getting clients/customers the rewards are endless and that’s why we are here to help you achive your goals. Effective branding can dramatically improve a business/site’s conversion rate/sales.